Here our graduates write and talk about their experience as a result of taking the Presentation Power workshop! Does it sound right for you? Would you like to feel the same way? Can you see yourself taking this workshop?

Rob Eggers was a participant in the Fall 2014 The Essentials – public speaking workshop – in his own words Rob tells us about his experience and benefits.

Business Presentation Skills Training – International Conference Services

What an eye-opener! My evolution from someone with a meek presentation style into an effective and strong presenter can only be contributed to you method of training. Your intuitive, sensitive and professional guidance given to each individual member of the group during the workshop was outstanding.

I personally came away with the feeling “Yes I can do it!

Geoffrey my advise to people is: Register for of Presentation Power courses in order to forward with a presentation style essential for the 21st Century.  Franziska Kaltenneger – President of International Conference Services


Jessica Dewell was a participant in the Fall 2014 The Essentials – public speaking workshop – in her words Jessica tells us about her experience and benefits.

Business Presentation Skills Workshop Presentation Power ~ Sauder School of Business, UBC

Geoffrey worked with UBC Executive Education at the Sauder School of Business as an instructor in 2 different programs: Presentation Power™ and Sales Talk. Geoffrey’s seminars were consistently highly rated and throughly enjoyed.

Katherine Bright – Assistant Dean & Executive Director of Sauder School of Business, UBC



Meilani MacDonald was a participant in the Fall 2014 The Essentials – public speaking workshop – in her words Meilani tells us about her experience and benefits.

Presentation Coaching – Olympian, Broadcaster CBC. NBC

Dear Geoffrey: Being in the ‘speaking business’ I have an unusual perspective on speaking courses and the resources that are available. In my opinion it is simply the most effective speaking workshop on the market today. Your approach of providing outstanding content in a setting of experiential learning is unique. The power of your workshop lies in the gift it gives participants in drastically altering their communications skills in a brief period of time. I was amazed to watch participants literally transform how they communicated in front of an audience in a two-day period.

Podborski O.C., Gold Medalist. Olympian, Broadcaster CBC. NBC

Business Presentation Skills Training – Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

Geoffrey you are the quintessential professional. This was apparent from the start of discussions on your engagement. Three words come to mind in our dealings with you, they are proficient, prepared and prompt. You do what you say you will do, and you helped us adapt our presentation to our specific needs, ensuring success. It has been our privilege to benefit from your valuable insights.

Peter Armstrong – President Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

Business Presentation Skills Training & Coaching – Methanex Corporation

In addition to the presentation training, the advice and counsel you have provided to our senior executives has been extremely valuable. Over the past few months, many of our senior management have had the opportunity to utilize the public speaking skills garnered from you sessions. From my observations, the difference in their organization and presentation style has been most impressive.

Diana Barkley, Public Affairs, Methanex Corporation

Business Presentation Skills Training – London Drugs Limited

“Inspiring”, “Incredible depth of knowledge and experience”- just some of the comments – He subtly and effectively blends communication principals with understanding what audiences want to gently and effectively increase our manager’s effectiveness”

Clint Mahlman VP Human Resources & Liz McNally Training and Development ~ London Drugs Limited

Business Presentation Skills Training ~ Tourism Vancouver

We had a full interactive session where the team received training on the sales process, closing sales, and balancing the expectations of potential clients. Our experience has left us with NO reservation to use Lane Consulting in the future as a way to fulfill our sales training needs.

Janet Carson – VP. Visitor & Member Services of Tourism Vancouver

Sales Training ~ Victoria Conference Centre

Please accept my sincere thanks for a wonderful training session – three weeks later people are still commenting on the learning’s – everyone who attended, from the novice to the experienced salesperson benefited from your ‘field smarts’ which where coupled with excellent course content.

Jocelyn Jenkyns – Director Marketing & Event Sales of Victoria Conference Centre

Business Presentation Skills Training – BCTV

…a first class program that encompasses so much more than public speaking skills. We intend to include your seminars as part of our on-going training initiatives…

Art Reitmeyer – President & CEO of BCTV

Business Presentation Skills Training ~ Lehigh Northwest Cement Limited N. America

In the session I attended he created a very supportive environment that enabled us to progressively build our confidence and skill so that by the end of the workshop, no matter what level we each started at, everyone felt they had made significant strides. I highly recommend Geoffrey Lane and his programs, and look forward to working with him in the future.

Karen Willis – Employee Development of Lehigh Northwest Cement Limited, Vancouver BC ~ Sacramento California USA

Business Presentation Skills Training ~ Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation: Geoffrey, where were you five years ago? I’ve spent that long refining my presentation and public speaking skills. Geoffrey, you truly understand not only how to speak, but also – and perhaps more importantly – how to get people to listen. Thank you so very much.

Anthony R. Martin – President & COO of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

Business Presentation Skills Training ~ Sandwell Engineering

In his gentle yet challenging and persuasive manner, Geoffrey captured the group’s attention and brought out the best in everyone. His solid knowledge of presentation skills combined with his sense of humor, made it a fun and valuable learning experience for all, even the most anxious participant!

Sandwell Engineering